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An Italian perfumer, Laura Ramazzotti showed courage, good taste and mastery of the most complicated and costly ingredients. Early on she began to develop the concept of olfactory image, the images we conjure with the smell of a fragrance. She embarked on the preparation of perfume creations with great sensitivity, thoroughness and zeal. It took her years to refine her skills in the search, selection, acquisition and evaluation of the finest natural ingredients , the defining qualities of a nez. In addition, Laura was very active in the processes of conceptualization, design and communication and, in 1997, to broaden her knowledge in these areas, she studied at the Barcelona Design Center. After a period of reflection and experimentation, she started the project she had always dreamed of: creating her own fragrances. She longed to reach her public directly as a true perfumer, without filters, without mediation.


Perfume can only rise to the level of art when accompanied by the absolute freedom of the mind and spirit. To be able to use formulas containing necessary ingredients and proportions without being coerced by the costs or other restraining factors is the path to recovering the true and ancient craft —a path that is these days seen as the cutting edge. Laura Ramazzotti recognized early on this emerging tendency towards more crafted perfumes and in 2014 began to grow her much desired project in all of its characteristics: to offer a fragrance collection of a master perfumer, to claim her own identity like the perfumers of the golden era before mass production, to have her own workshop that specializes in the mixing, maceration, production and control, and to work with absolute artistic freedom.



Laura seeks to use the most noble and delicate essences that exist in the world, creating fragrances that induce feelings and emotions, fragrances that evoke a timeless Mediterranean passion and whose elaboration restores the natural language of the craft —to excite, entice, surprise, create desire, pleasure and magic. 
She deciphers the code of the masters and composes an intimate narrative through her extensive collection of unique compositions. 
She extends her hand to invite others into the folds of the sensuous pages of elixirs, filters, extracts and perfumes that together, write the timeless language of olfactory communication. 

“my work is an extension of my life, I want to share my enthusiasm with everyone by creating inspirational fragrances.”

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